Genocide Dolphins – Scottish Indie Dev Kickstarting Surreal Shooter Of Ultimate Oddness

Genocide Dolphins – Scottish Indie Dev Kickstarting Surreal Shooter Of Ultimate Oddness

Genocide DolphinsRadiant Silverlabs, the studio created by veteran developer Gareth Murphin has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund… something.

The project, Genocide Dolphins, has started to pick up some attention from the indie games media and is generating a lot of buzz from players looking for something new.

The game looks odd.  Weird in fact.  In a good way.  A surreal, cartoon and cel-shaded environment, combined with real world locations, seriously peculiar characters and a promise of ‘strategic explosions’ and ‘very advanced enemy AI’.

genocide dolphins 002While the story remains in development, the Genocide Dolphins experience promises far more than the usual run-of-the-mill-multimillion-dollar-FPS-franchise-sequels which are spat out onto the market with monotonous regularity, little care and widespread indifference.

Gaz, the man behind the project writes on the project’s Kickstarter page:

If the funding is reached I intend to buy lots more cool things to use, advanced AI, more enemies, shadows etc. I would also like to buy Unity Pro ($1500) since it contains a profiler which is almost essential to get the game running smoothly on mobile devices. I will also need to purchase/upgrade the licenses for each platform I am supporting ($400 each).

In short I want to allow this game to evolve into something very special, then get it in the hands of gamers! As you can see the game is quite far advanced already – I estimate I can buy what I need and finish the game within 5 months. During this time I will be working full time on it – and it would be the most enjoyable full-time job I ever had 🙂

genocide dolphins 004Pledge levels start at just £1, so there’s a level for almost everyone.

You can find the Genocide Dolphins Kickstarter campaign here. Or find out more about the project over on Facebook, YouTube or Google+.  You can also see some of the nice things that have been said about the project on some of the indie game websites.

Go and help out if you can…


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