Denki Releases Exclusive Teaser For New ‘Destiny Killer’ Game

Denki Releases Exclusive Teaser For New ‘Destiny Killer’ Game

DenkiLogoWallpaper1280x1024Halo Creator Bungie and publisher Activision caused controversy last week with the information-lite teaser for the new persistent world shooter, Destiny.

Flirting with the world’s media and treating potential players as pawns in a strange global drip feeding frenzy of marketing may work for two of the world’s largest games companies, but it lacks a certain style and is entirely free from charm and wonder.

Denki on the other hand, knows exactly how to beguile, tease, tantalise and intrigue gamers, with a saucy grin, insouciant wink and a 17 second trailer of… something.

Speculation within the industry and excited debate within the Scottish Games Network, suggets that the, as-yet-unnamed-game is another free-roaming, persistent, sandbox style shooter, with MMORPG elements, but set in a far more complex and sophisticated world, in which politics, treason, trade, relationships, horticulture, research, leisure activities, hobbies, games and pastimes are all equally important as blowing stuff up and shooting people.

Several commentators have already labeled the game a ‘Destiny Killer‘, though other have offered an alternative theory that it may be ‘more like Worms or something’.

You can view the trailer below and make up your own mind.  However, based on past experience, our money’s on Denki.  Sorry Bungie…

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