Rab Florence v Videogames: Glasgow Film Festival And TFAA

Rab Florence v Videogames: Glasgow Film Festival And TFAA

Rab Florence: writer, comedian, wrestling fan, Burnistoun resident, gamer, reviewer and 33%-50% of the fondly remembered Consolevania team is back in the game.

Mere weeks after bringing the UK games media, trembling to its knees by asking questions about the relationship between publishers, PR flacks and the hacks themselves, Rab is back with two new projects.

The first is GAME CATS GO MIAOW!, where Rab joins forces with the Glasgow Film Festival to:

take a star-studded big-screen look at video games – as they grow ever-more cinematic, could they begin to challenge the movie-going experience?

Game Cats Go Miaow! promises to include includes a costume gala screening and a live review of new game Aliens: Colonial Marines before a screening of James Cameron’s Aliens.

The Glasgow Film Festival runs from February 14th – 24th in 2013.  The full programme will be announced on January 16th.

Next up, Rab has also launched (Somebody Please Shut Down) This Fucking Amusement Arcade:

“…a blackly comic web series about video games and video gamers and age and love and sex and death and food and ghosts.”

Games AND culture AND films AND swearing?  Go on then…

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