Yeti Sighting In Scotland

Yeti Sighting In Scotland

Despite hundreds, if not thousands of years of anecdotal sightings, reports and intriguingly blurry photos, there has been no definitive proof of the existence of mysterious cryptids such as the yeti, sasquatch or skunk ape.

Reports of flying bipedal hominids are even rarer.  One thinks of John Keel’s experiences in Point Pleasant, Virginia, with the so-called Moth Man, but that aside, the idea of this form of cryptid has inherent anti-gravitic properties is something which is clearly so closely guarded that even the cover-up has yet to be discovered.

Thank the Gods (or ancient aliens) then for brand new development studio, Nevistech and the company’s first title Go Yeti!

Go Yeti! was created by Nevistech, in conjunction with Edinburgh-based graphics studio, Wet Yeti.

Players must guide their magic-carpet riding yeti, through a landscape of pyramids, mountains and outer space, while collecting gold coins,  avoiding nasty buzzing things and picking up enough cash to pimp your Yeti with cool threads, turning your yeti into a clown, cowboy, or even a flying Scotsman…

Players can even share their successes, achievements and encounters with mysterious Men In Black, via Facebook, Twitter and Apple’s Game Center.

Nevistech founder Anthony Magrath, told us:

“As parents with young kids, we understand our market. I used to write games as a teenager before it was cool to be a geek. Steven is a prolific artist and has exceptional talent which he has brought to bear in creating original and fun characters which feature in the game.”

As soon as you pick up the game you can’t help but be struck by the superb artwork. The Yetis were born out of Steven’s Wet Yeti graphics studio, who’s prints and greetings cards have built up a dedicated following in recent years. As Steve describes “It has been a joy to see life breathed into the characters using Anthony’s quirky puppet-like animation, which really suit the game well. It’s a fantastic feeling to be launching the game”  

Go Yeti! is available NOW for iOS devices.  You can find it on the App Store for £0.69/$0.99.

Nevistech has already achieved immortality and the respect of new-found colleagues, thanks to its inclusion in the compendium of ultimate comprehensiveness, the, Company Directory*.

* Government approved.


  1. I’ve got this game and love playing it (as a 30-year old) and my nieces and nephews (all <10) love playing the game too. The graphics are beautiful and the characters are loads of fun. Highly recommended!!

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