The Ship: Full Steam Ahead – Find Out More

The Ship: Full Steam Ahead – Find Out More

The Blazing Griffin team’s Kickstarter campaign to fund the sequel to The Ship, has been revamped, updated and improved.

While we loved the performances and production values of the original video on the popular crowd-funding site, many people expressed concern that it didn’t feature enough information about the game, the studio, the project, or indeed nearly enough game developers.

Blazing Griffin took it on the chin and like the pro’s they are, went back to the drawing board and made an entirely new movie.

With more developers.  In a studio.  Talking about the game, their plans for development and how Full Steam Ahead will work.

Watch, learn, chuckle, nod sagely, then go and give them money.  Let us make this thing a thing which happens.

Suggested donations start at £4.  You can afford that can’t you?  Why of course you can.  And you SHOULD chip in a few quid as well.  They’d do it for you…

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