Denki Nominated In Creative Scotland Scotland Awards

Denki Nominated In Creative Scotland Scotland Awards

The 2012 Creative Scotland awards has come in for some criticism in recent weeks.  We kicked off, asking why digital media and interactive entertainment had no categories, alongside more traditional areas such as film, television, music and literature.

Then the rest of the country had a go, wondering why the judging panel was exclusively male, why the awards had partnered with (whisper it) a tabloid newspaper and why, anyone wishing to attend the (responsibly) glittering and (reasonably) glamorous awards ceremony would have to pay over £100 to attend.

We’re looking forward to the harsh reviews of the pudding at the dinner, the quality of the music and the number of bureaucrats and fat cats who were there…

Anyway, leaving all of that to one side, there were several categories within the awards which could apply to games companies.  One of these was the ‘Creative Business’ award, which we were thrilled and delighted to find included Denki as a nominee.

The other two nominees are Oran Mor (a venue in Glasgow which hosts theatre events and has a very good bar indeed) and Edinburgh animation Studio Show Them Pictures.

The awards ceremony takes place in Kelvingrove art gallery on December 13th.  We shall, of course keep you up to date on the winners as they happen and exactly what went wrong with the pudding.

Congratulations to Denki.

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