Denki Saves The Day – Console Quality Gaming In Your Browser

Denki Saves The Day – Console Quality Gaming In Your Browser

Calamity Falls is one of those sleepy little towns which seems untouched by the ravages of time.  Everybody knows their neighbours, they always take time to say good morning, gap-toothed freckled kids riding bikes, will take the time to help an elderly lady cross the road, and the local Mom & Pop store always have a friendly smile for a stranger in town.

So sleepy and contented are the inhabitants of Calamity Falls, that they tend to forget that their entire town was built on, in and a little peculiarly, under the hideous magma-spewing maw of the ridiculously active Mount Torrid.

Now, entirely unexpectedly, Mount Torrid has erupted.  Again.  There’s lava and fire and horrid burny stuff everywhere.  People, who were out for picnics, rock climbin’, BASE jumpin;, huntin’, fishin’ for catfish and otherwise enjoying the lovely countryside, are now trapped.  TRAPPED!  With lava and fire and horrid burny stuff threatening their very lives…

…and the volcano is about to burst.  Properly burst.  In a mega volcano extinction-level-event type of explosion.  Personally we blame the short hairy bloke we saw throwing a ring in there.

However, the citizens of Calamity Falls need your help.  It’s time to fill the preposterously large water tank, climb into your shiny red rescue copter, strap in, perform all of the mandatory pre-flight safety checks, submit your flight plan, then zoom to the slopes of Mount Torrid and set about rescuing the good people, and their cats, and some visiting VIPs and get their asses to government approved safety zones where they’ll be wrapped in foil blankets, fed soup and pestered by roaming packs of feral TV news crews.

You, my brave darlings, have to SAVE THE DAY.

It’s a brand new game from Denki.  It’s written in HTML5, uses the Turbulenz platform and can be played in all good web browsers, regardless of whether you use Windows, OSX or Linux.

It’s a fast-paced classic arcade game, in which you have to beat the clock, save the terrified punters, pluck power-ups from the fiery jaws of death and generally act like Charlie Big Potatoes in your rescue helicopter of ultimate savingness.

Heroic, that’s you.

As you save people and build up your high score, you can upgrade your chopper, increase the amount of time you can spend in the game and make life a little easier and high scoring.

The game is free to play, features a global high score table, which is already seeing some ferocious in-fighting and competition for the top spot and is incredibly well polished, fun and adorable.  In short it’s everything you’d expect from a Denki game.

Go and play it.  You’ll have fun.

In recent years Denki has developed games for many of the current generation of platforms – from mobile to Facebook and Xbox Live.  Despite each of these channels having large user bases, they still suffer from a number of problems…

The mobile app stores are saturated with hundreds of thousands of apps and even the most popular titles can struggle to make money using the ‘freemium’ model.  Facebook gaming is currently undergoing an identity crisis, with the largest games creator, Zynga haemorrhaging people and money as it struggles to prove it has long term value.  Xbox Live offers a stable platform and retail model, but companies creating original new content can face difficulty in getting their game visibility and recognition from gamers.

While there are hundreds of thousands of browser games, across hundreds of online sites, they’ve tended to be simpler and smaller scale titles, written in Flash or Java.   The Turbulenz platform is built using the latest HTML5 technology, which has been created specifically for media rich, interactive content.  While the technology is not yet dominant or recognised as a platform in its own right, Turbulenz’s combination of technology and a portal for more compelling, rich and complex games could be hugely rewarding for developers and gamers alike.

Now, go play Save The Day.  Again.  Fun.  Tell your friends we said they have to play it.

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