Wrestling Manager Updated – WTF?

Wrestling Manager Updated – WTF?

The team at Serious Parody are living up to their name.  The serious part anyway.  The company has just released the latest major update to its popular Wrestling Manager game.

Version 1.0.8 is now in open BETA, while the company updates and tweaks the latest additions, based on player feedback.  A full public release will take place in a few weeks, once the team is happy with the changes.

From the games original release, Serious Parody has positioned Wrestling Manager as a premium product, priced at £6.99/$9.99, it’s one of the more expensive apps out there, but the company’s approach seems to be paying off.  The App has a very high percentage of 5 star reviews and a huge list of complimentary reviews on the App Store.  At the same time, the mobile and specialist wrestling media have reviewed and rated the game very favourably, commenting on the depth and gameplay offered with each release.

Serious Parody is determined to carry on supporting Wrestling Manager as a product, even though some companies might have kept the more significant changes for a sequel.  We put the question to CEO, Dan Hinkles on the company’s approach to the game.  He told us:

“We always said that we would support Wrestling Manager for a long, long, time and while we’ll never rule out a sequel, we want our gamers to know that when they buy Wrestling Manager or any Serious Parody product for that matter, that they are not only getting a premium product, they are getting premium support.

It’s the same reason we reply to every email we receive and the same reason we reply to all the Tweets, Facebook comments and posts on WrestlingManagement.com forums.

So here we are, weeks away from our one year anniversary and not only have we got a great another great update coming, we’ve already got our next major update planned out.”

So a sequel hasn’t been ruled out, but for the time being it’s all about the original.  As the company points out,  Wrestling Manager is the only wrestling strategy game on iOS.   Unlike the console wrestling titles, this is a more strategic experience based around a card collection game. There are over 500 characters and over 650 cards to play with, making it a large title by iOS standards (and wrestling standards we’d imagine).

Serious Parody tells us it’s the only wrestling game on iOS that lets you fully customise every character, as well as being the first iOS game ever to provide players with the ability to modify the cards.

If you’re a wrestling fan and you have not yet leapt like a plunging buffalo from the top rope, onto a helpless spangly-trunked opponent, now is your chance.

The game is available for all iOS devices.  You can join the forums on the Wrestling Management website, follow the game on Twitter or like it on Facebook.

(And to clarify, WTF stands for the Wrestling Takedown Federation, readers)

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