Indie Game: The Movie Comes To Dundee with NEoN 2012

Indie Game: The Movie Comes To Dundee with NEoN 2012

Following over a year of email campaigns and fan requests, the coveted video-game film epic finds a home in Scotland’s original game making hub.

Indie Game: The Movie follow’s the story of the makers of Fez, Super Meat Boy and a handful of other people who dedicate their work to the creation of their own titles. The film had garnered high acclaim internationally, and in true indie fashion, only tours specific screening venues by arrangement.

The arrangers of the screening, to take place on the 4th of November at Dundee Contemporary Arts, are none other than the organisers of NEoN who have pulled all the stops to make 2012’s NEoN Digital Arts Festival the most inclusive and successful event since it’s 2009 debut.

NEoN is Scotland’s only Digital Arts Festival, which takes place throughout the city of Dundee, brining in a wide range of international visitors and talent to share their ideas and inspiration over a variety of different intermingling creative disciplines.

The festival is no stranger to Scotland’s game developers, which has always recognised the achievement and cultural significance that the country’s developers have to offer. The screening of the emotional and frank documentary will no doubt play on the heart stings of many an indie an gaming enthusiast.

Tickets are yet to be made available for the event, but are likely to be gobbled up quickly, as is likely for a lot of the events taking place over the festival. The first round of tickets for Pecha Kucha Volume 4 (my favouritest thing in the world) have already been snatched by the hoards.

Make sure to keep a watchful eye on the slick new NEoN website. This year’s festival runs from the 4th to the 10th of November.

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