TIGA Awards 2012 – Open For Entries

The Independent Game Developers Association, or TIGA to their chums (and it’s pronounced ‘tiger’ – see the logo for confirmation) have announced the 2012 TIGA Awards.  They’re open for entries.

Many entries are open to everyone, not just members.  There are a huge range of categories covering everything from casual, social, online, debut, student and serious games, through to tools, technology and a variety of design categories and even a marketing award (despite good games not needing marketing…)  There are also a host of business awards (which are open to TIGA members-only).

Better yet – they’re all free.  Go ahead.  Enter all of them.  You deserve a shiny trophy for your office.

The whole process is as open and transparent as possible.  The judges are all listed on the website and there’s an FAQ covering pretty much everything you need to know.

Entries are open until the 8th of October and the awards ceremony (appropriately glittering we’re sure) takes place on the 1st of November, in Bath (not Dundee).

There are even a few categories for Game of the Year (fairly self explanatory), Person of the Year (an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the games sector [our emphasis] and Friend of the Sector (for non-games types who have helped the games sector).

Essentially there is a category here for pretty much every developer and games-related company in Scotland.  There may even be a category for the editor of your favourite regional interactive industry periodical.  Just, you know, saying…

It’s free, it’s open now.  You should enter.  You could win a shiny award.  You could (if you’re clever) then tell the world and plaster it all over your online presence in a quite shameless way and make sure everyone knows you’re awesome.

Go on, you know you should.

And we have to thank TIGA for the glorious banner, currently gracing the pages of your frighteningly influential Scottishgames.net…

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