Ludometrics Announces New Project (With Added Denki)

Ludometrics Announces New Project (With Added Denki)

Ludometrics, as you may know, is an independent games company in Glasgow’s rather cool Merchant City (the bit with the good pubs, restaurants and nice shops).

We like Ludometrics. In the last year they’ve released Matching Set for iOS, football-based quiz title, Quizball and the forthcoming time management game, Pet Store Panic. They also created the official app for Gary: Tank Commander, have an excellent interactive logo and – AND – they’re the only company in the country to excite and impress us with a logo download. Go on, try them

Ludometrics is now teasing and tantalising us with some information on their new project. The company is working on its first entirely browser-based title. They’re working with an as-yet-unnamed West Coast US tech company, which has ‘big plans’ to ‘disrupt the browser games market’.

Which sounds suitably ambitious. There are several new technologies being developed over there which have the potential to radically change the way which online and social games are found, played and monetised.

However, the new (still secret) game is not a wholly solo project. Ludometrics is working with Denki to implement the same lean startup and public facing development process that Denki announced for their new Save The Day title.

Denki is providing design and production support – along with the intellectual property for the title. Based on one of Denki’s original games for Sky TV, Ludometrics will be bringing it to a whole new audience – in a whole new way.

This narrows the title down – slightly – Denki’s Wikipedia page lists over 180 titles, most of which were created for Sky digital interactive TV. There are a lot of original games in the list, so we’ll be fascinated to see which one’s first.

The idea of companies collaborating and working together to create games is slightly unusual but both Denki and Ludometrics are adamant that this type of relationship will become more common in the future.

When we spoke to Ludometrics’ Chief Person David Thomson, he told us

As any fule kno, being Denki’s Number One Fan Emeritus meant that it was always likely we’d work together again in the future. This was a perfectly cromulent opportunity to take those Denki processes and begin applying them to an embiggened team here at Ludometrics HQ. It’s great fun working with the Denki team again on a project that harks back to the arcade ‘pon which I was raised.

Curiouser and curiouser. We’ll be stalking, infiltrating and otherwise keeping track of the project as it progresses and hope to have more information (like the name of the game, the technology company, or indeed anything else) to bring you at some point soon.

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