Digital Spark – Intellectual Property Event

Digital Spark – Intellectual Property Event

Digital Spark is a new event, it ran for the first time in Dundee last year under the auspices of Abertay University and pulled in a very worthy set of speakers.

The event is back for 2012 and is building upon the success of the last year.  Digital Spark promises to explore the whole area of intellectual property and give you the knowledge you need to sieze control of your intellectual property and squeeze it until the goodness runs out.

Digital Spark is backed by UKIE and TIGA and features a host of knowledgeable, interesting, informative, educational, aspirational, awesome and lovely speakers.  These include…

  • Fiona Hyslop (Culture Secretary) – Looking at the Creative Industries in Scotland
  • Dr Jo Twist (CEO, UKIE) – Giving an industry overview
  • Ed Martin (Exec VP, Eutechnyx) – Licensing real brands in games
  • Luke Petre (CTO Makie Labs) – Making virtual IP real

Plus many, many more, who’ll be speaking presenting or appearing as part of a panel over the two day event.  Including your editor, who shall be chairing a panel which will explore the issue of tax breaks for the creative sector.

Let’s be honest, intellectual property is a crucial factor for the long term success of any company involved in creating games.  Work for hire comes and goes, but retention and protection of IP can accelerate a creative company into a whole new realm (Angry Birds, anyone?)

The event takes place at Abertay University on the 5th and 6th of September 2012.  Tickets for the two day Digital Spark event are £200.  Or £99 if you’re a student (from Abertay only though, which seems a bit off…)

We look forward to seeing you there where, we shall, of course, be wonderful.

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