Wrestling Manager Receives Major Update

Wrestling Manager Receives Major Update

More muscles, more sweat, more grappling, grabbing, trash talking, chair slamming, pile driving, masks, trunks, mullets and MAYHEM.  Yes, Wrestling Manager, the inaugural title from Serious Parody has been updated and iterated and improved and adds more moves, modes and umm, mayhem than EVER BEFORE…

Wrestling Manager has been tweaked, updated and changed based on feedback from the happy players, all over the world, who have been training, competing, clobbering and careering their wrestlers into Himalayan peaks of lofty grandeur and fame.

Achievements are now part of the whole Wrestling Manager experience.  New icons, customisable company logos, improved touch controls, new critics, the ability to earn more money earlier in the game and a digital, yet still ferocious roman legion of less visible improvements to the game mean that the Wrestling Managers out there will have at least 75% more fun, game joy and action than ever.

Serious Parody is treating Wrestling Manager as a premium product on the App Store.  The game is priced at £6.99, but SP has updated, improved and engaged with users since the launch in November 2011, to build value and ensure that players are happy with the game and that problems and concerns are addressed in the regular updates.  In game purchases provide the company with an additional revenue stream and ensure that keen players can satisfy their drop-kicking desires as and when they umm, desire.

As it stands today, the game has picked up a loyal following and favourable reviews from critics and players alike (25 five star ratings on the app store).  For a first product, Serious Parody has seems to have found a dedicated and active niche and are making their players happy.

You can even follow the updates to the game and get insight into the company’s plans for Wrestling Manager over on the Wrestling Manager blog.  It’s very good.  We wish more developers would do something like this…


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