Queens Awards For Enterprise

Queens Awards For Enterprise

Are you a commercial organisation?  Do you do business?  Well?  If so, then you may well be eligible to enter the Queens Award For Enterprise competition.  It’s a competition to reward enterprising companies, for their hard work and enterprise – and it’s by her majesty The Queen.  Which makes it more special than your average, everyday non-royal award, which could come from anyone frankly.

Now YOU – or your company – can enter.  You could walk away with an award for International Trade, Innovation or Sustainable Development.

While these awards have focused on traditional areas of business and industry in the past, the creative industries are now being taken seriously (dammit).  The focus on business is important too.  Creative awards are common in the games world, but how many developers or studios are actually run as successful businesses?  Something like this could see you being taken more seriously n the proper grown-up industries out there.

The criteria for the awards is simple.  You have to be UK-based, you have to have two full time staff – or the part-time equivalent and you have to be able to demonstrate your commercial success.

You can do that.  Not only do you get the kudos and respect of your peers and colleagues worldwide (where they don’t even have a queen, probably), but you get a coat of arms to display and a crown for the managing director to wear.

The closing date is the end of September.  You can enter online.


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