Dare To Be Digital 2012 Breaks Records

Dare To Be Digital 2012 Breaks Records

It’s official, Dare to be Digital is a proper ‘thing’ now.  Students, developers, indies all around the world are now looking at the competition as a huge opportunity to gaming valuable experience, get into the games industry and start building a portfolio.  Who knows we may even see some of the games hitting the market at some point!

The 2012 competition had over 100 entries (108 to be specific) from 70 universities, spanning 13 countries around the world including China, Denmark, England, Finland, Holland, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Romania, Scotland, Spain and Sweden.

Dare 2012 will welcome teams from Finland, China and India, thanks to Scottish government support amounting to £85,700.

The international teams taking part in Dare to be Digital 2012 are:

  • Ideer, from the Communication University of China (iPhone game)
  • LazzyBrains, from India’s Image College of Arts Animation and Technology (iPad game)
  • Kind of a Big Deal, from Finland’s Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (Windows Phone 7 game)
We’re happy to see smaller projects and new devices continuing to receive support within the 2012 competition.  The genre of choice at last year’s event was physics-based puzzlers, so we’ll be watching the entries for 2012 with eager anticipation.

Fiona Hyslop, the culture secretary is quoted as saying…

“Scotland is known the world over as a creative and innovative nation, with our computer games industry undoubtedly one of our global success stories – supporting around 1,500 jobs and contributing £30 million to our economy.
“Dare to be Digital is a fantastic showcase of the talent, infrastructure and cutting-edge skills that Scotland, and Dundee in particular, has to offer in this fast-growing and competitive market. It also provides an excellent platform for students to knowledge and develop their expertise whilst benefiting from mentoring from video games experts here in Scotland.
“Scottish Government funding has already enabled the international scope of this project to expand into India, China and Nordic countries, further enhancing Scotland’s digital reputation overseas. I am delighted to confirm that this support will continue in 2012, our Year of Creative Scotland.”
We’re not convinced about her numbers.  1500 jobs and £30,000,000 is coming it a trifle high we suspect, but we do appreciate the support.
Dates! Dare to be Digital 2012 runs from June 11th at the University of Abertay, Dundee.  The climax of the whole thing, the ProtoPlay event takes place across much of Dundee city centre on August 10-12th, with all of the games being showcased, an indie games event taking place and all manner of exciting, lovely and delightful things happening to help promote, showcase and support new talent in games.
In the meantime, find Dare online.  Like ’em on Facebook, or follow the whole thing on Twitter.

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