Game In Scotland Recruitment Fair – Saturday March 24th, Dundee.

Game In Scotland Recruitment Fair – Saturday March 24th, Dundee.

Do you need a job?  Do you have a job, but would like another job, entirely different to your current job?  Do you dream of a job which will allow you to explore the outer limits of creativity and actually build new worlds and new experiences.  A job which demands creativity, lateral thinking and inspires passion?  Do you yearn for something more than the humdrum 9-5 grind which is slowly killing you, crushing your spirit and causing you to hide bottles of spirits in your desk drawer, next to the collection of knives and your list of victims?

Or are you a student?

Either way – Good news everyone! Game In Scotland, the recruitment fair and showcase for the Scottish games industry is back for 2012.  And it’s bigger, better and more wonderful in every way.

First things first.  It’s FREE (you just have to register online to reserve a place).  It takes place in Dundee.  On a Saturday.  It features many of Scotland’s game development studios and companies who are currently recruiting.

Not only will the developers be exhibiting, they’ll be talking about who they are and what they do – AND you’ll be able to network, chat and get a feel for what they’re looking for.

Tip: BE NICE. Make sure your CV/portfolio will stand out from the 400 other people there…  Do not complain that you’re missing 5 x hours of Mass Effect 3 to be there.

In addition to exhibiting, there’s a fairly full conference programme, where the companies will be talking about themselves, their games, the skills they need and how lovely it is having a job in the games industry.

There are also discussion panels and presentations on key issues facing the industry, exploring the future and looking into the ways in which the games world is evolving.

It even finishes with a drink.  And it’s free.  Did we mention that?

The speaking programme already looks damn good:

12:00 Let the Games Begin!

12:45 Welcome to the Games Industry

13:00 Who we are – HubDub

13:15 Who we are – TAG Games

13:30 Who we are – Play 2 Improve

13:45 What Makes a Good CV

14:05 Visit the Stands – Grab a Refreshment

14:30 Company of Heroes

14:45 Who we are – Digital Goldfish

15:00 Who we are – Hunted Cow

15:15 Who we are – Codeplay

15:30 Who we are – One Thumb Mobile

15:45 Who we are – eeGeo

16:00 Who we are – Dynamo Games

16:15 Looking to the Future?

17:00 Free Drink & Networking

Game in Scotland has grown every year and in 2012 is looking for several hundred people heading to Fat Sams nightclub in Dundee.

Your team will be there, neatly turned out, providing coverage, insight, intelligence, analysis and groundless speculation.  You can buy us a drink and pass on any unfounded gossip, incriminating evidence, or another drink – whatever you have to hand.

Remember, it’s free, there are proper jobs on offer and it’s a Saturday afternoon.  You have no excuse.  Any future whinging will not be tolerated.

See you in Dundee.

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