New From YoYo Games – Froad – For iOS & Android

New From YoYo Games – Froad – For iOS & Android

YoYo’s busy and efficient release schedule is back with the company’s latest title emerging for both Android and iOS.  Froad (is he/she a frog or a toad?  We may never know…)

In Froad, players are challenged to catch and nom down on tasty, tasty bugs – and avoid yucky horrid bugs, to keep Froad alive.

Keep him full, keep him happy.

Froad is another title in the simple, fast, pick-up-and-play style of game in which YoYo is rapidly making a name for itself.  The company’s previous titles – Karoshi, They Need To Be Fed, etc. are tapping into the appetite for fast, accessible games for smartphones.

YoYo’s game catalogue is now approaching 20 titles, covering a wide range of styles and genres – and formats, since the company is now publishing titles in HTML5.

You can buy Froad now on the Apple App Store and Android market for £0.69/$0.99.

Check out the video for the game here:

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