Cobra Tantalises With Coming Soon Creative

Cobra Tantalises With Coming Soon Creative

Whatever will they think of next?  Cobra has started promoting a forthcoming game – BEFORE IT’S EVEN RELEASED!

Their so-called promotion will be looked upon by the wider industry with the greatest disapprobation and their concept will be stolen, pirated and released upon the lawless streets of the world before they can draw breath.

Will it be mobile?  Will it be online?  Will it be social?  What genre is it?  THEY DON’T SAY!  There’s literally NO information there.  It’s like the expect people to GUESS or actually wonder what they’re up to.

It’s IMMODEST and crass.

It’s clearly madness!

Looks very nice though.  Count us as impressed.

(Oh and the rest of you.  Yes, you lot.  This is a GOOD idea…)



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