Scotland’s Screen Industries Are Here For You

Here For You is a new, collaborative promotional short, produced by Scotland's screen sector, to highlight the wealth of talent and skill available across the country.

Cobra Tantalises With Coming Soon Creative

Whatever will they think of next? ┬áCobra has started promoting a forthcoming game - BEFORE IT'S EVEN RELEASED! Their so-called promotion will be looked upon by the wider industry with the greatest disapprobation and their concept will be stolen, pirated and released upon the lawless streets of the world before they can draw breath. Will... Continue Reading →

Free Games

It would seem that the generosity of spirit, love and compassion which the games industry is famous for, is shining out like a beacon for Christmas 2011. A variety of developers have provided promo codes for their games to say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or more ecumenically, have a lovely couple of weeks off... Here's... Continue Reading →

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