Now Recruiting – Red Radiant Media

Development studio and augmented reality experts Red Radiant Media is recruiting.  The company is looking for contractors across all roles, with options to extend the role and possibly join the team.

We’ve not covered RRM before, so who is this new studio?  According to the company:

Red Radiant Media is based in sunny Dundee, Scotland. The company was formed by former team members from Realtime Worlds & Irrational Games. Our team members were responsible for the BAFTA award winning games Crackdown & Bioshock, as well as working on Bioshock 2, Crash Bandicoot, Glover, The Little Mermaid, Sonic Air, Quantum of Solace, XCOM & Elite 4.

We specialise in creating Augmented Reality (AR) interactive toys, games on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Which sounds good to us.

You can find examples of the company’s work to date over on their YouTube channel.  Alternatively, you can find them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

Red Jobs Ocotober 2011.


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