Looking Bloody GORGEOUS! – New Scottishgames Merchandise NOW AVAILABLE!

Looking Bloody GORGEOUS! – New Scottishgames Merchandise NOW AVAILABLE!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are thrilled, delighted and downright overjoyed to introduce the brand new(ish) Scottishgames.net CORNER SHOP.

Yes, now, as you read the latest news and analysis of the games business in Scotland, you can radiate cool and effortless chic with the new range of Scottishgames.net t-shirts.

Ranging from casually stylish and wilfully geeky, through to the mildly blasphemous and puzzlingly obscure, the Scottishgames.net T-Shirt range is only the first tottering baby step in a whole collection of new and wonderful merchandise we have planned.

These initial designs are based upon your editorial team, a couple of bottle of wine and a foul mouth.  Once the shop is up and running, we hope to introduce more designs, have user submitted designs (like Threadless, Insert Coin or Joystick Junkies, but with added swearing) and perhaps even offer local developers and companies a chance to produce their own game, or company-related products, without having to order boxes and boxes of t-shirts.

The first few shirts are all simple, basic, male T-shirts, but we can introduce ladyshapes, different styles, colours or products (mugs, bags, hoodies, etc.) if you tell us you want them.

So take a look and let us know what you think.  Some of the initial designs have HIDDEN ELEMENTS like glow-in-the-dark printing, fuzzy flock print or, in one case, a back print (we’ll leave you to discover which one…)

Leave your comments on the site, on Facebook, or tell us via Twitter exactly what you think.  New designs, updates and products will be produced, promoted and pushed on a weekly basis.

You’ll find the Scottishgames.net CORNER SHOP page on the right hand site of the Scottishgames.net website.


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