Adding Emotional Intensity – Musemantik Launches New Developer Tools

Adding Emotional Intensity – Musemantik Launches New Developer Tools

Musemantik came to our attention several months ago, after exhibiting and presenting at the excellent Engage-Invest-Exploit event at Edinburgh University’s world famous Informatics School.

Musemantik has now announced the launch of its first two products which are aimed at game developers and promise to increase the players engagement with games, while saving time and money.  How’s that for a big sell?

The company has created Emrzr Sense, a sophisticated AI-driven software which allows developers – individual studios or engine creators – to dynamically control and alter aspects of the game, to enhance the emotional intensity and impact.  Elements such as the soundtrack, audio effects, camera effects, lighting, etc. can all be changed without specific scripting for individual instances.

The software can also be used to analyse in-game emotional response and help correlate in-game experiences which improved success metrics.  All of which can be used to improve in-game sales, level design or multiplayer aspects.

All of which can lead to more engaging games (across all platforms, AAA console and PC through to mobile/smartphone/casual) and reduce development costs, thanks to reduced scripting and simpler QA.

Maciej Zurawski, the founder and CEO of the company told us:

“The videogames market is one of the most rapidly evolving sector of the global digital media industry. Games have become far more complex and sophisticated that ever before, yet are often criticised for lacking any emotional depth. One reason for this is that developers must carefully script every element and change and link these into changes within the game as players experience it. This can be incredibly complex and time consuming, as any changes can have wide ranging consequences on other scripts and attributes. With Emrzr Sense and Emrzr Arrange, we have create a solution which not only gives developers more direct control over the elements of their game, but the fact that the software can be keyed for the whole game provides great reductions in development resources, since the reductions in design time and scripting are matched by reductions in testing and quality assurance.”

If that’s not quite enough to be going on with, the company’s second product Emrzr Arrange is focused on the creation of more emotionally intelligent music and soundtracks.  This goes from dynamically altering the soundtrack and effects, through to actually creating instant soundtracks for smaller developers.  Removing the requirement for creating/composing new music.

Musemantik has a couple of new videos on their website, which explains everything, along with examples of music and a more detailed breakdown of how it all works.  In the meantime, you can contact the company directly for a live demonstration or to answer any other questions you might have…

You can even find the company on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or check out previous presentations and talks they’ve delivered via Slideshare.

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