British Academy Scotland Awards 2011 – Call for Entries

British Academy Scotland Awards 2011 – Call for Entries

The British Academy Scotland Awards – or Scottish BAFTAs if you prefer – are BACK!  After a hiatus in 2010, the awards, which recognise outstanding achievement in the screen industries in Scotland, are now open for entries.

Unlike previous years, in 2011 there is a single Games category which will cover all interactive entries.  To ensure all projects which were released in 2010 are included, the eligibility dates for entries have been extended.  Games released between August 31st 2009 and 31st August 2011 can be submitted.

What does ‘Scottish’ mean in this context?  Well, there’s a very simple checklist, thoughtfully provided on the site:

Entries should satisfy two of the three following criteria:

1. The production company has a substantive business and production base in Scotland. A base will be taken to be substantive if it is the usual place of employment of senior executives and personnel involved in the production.

2. At least 70% (television/game) / 50% (film) of the production budget (excluding the cost of onscreen talent, archive material and copyright costs) was spent in Scotland and/or on Scottish production talent.

3. At least 50% of the production talent (not on screen talent) must have their usual place of employment within Scotland. This has to cover a minimum of 4 out of the following 9 areas: Director; Producer; Writer; Line Producer/Production Manager; HOD-Art; Sound; Cameras; Post production; Composer. For Factual entries, up to two roles may be replaced by Editor and/or Assistant Producer.

Which should answer any nagging questions you might have had.

The last Games category winner was Proper Games, for Flock (which seems like such a long time ago now…)

The 2011 competition is open to ALL platforms, formats and genres.  Most companies in Scotland will be eligible for the independent entry fee of £60 plus VAT (so £72 all in).

The call for entries closes at 5pm, on Friday 19th August 2011.  So get cracking if you want your game/s to be considered.


    1. I’m… confused. Pretty much every competition has some level of fees. It helps employ people to run the whole event, plus stops (to some degree anyway) companies just chucking in dozens of entries because. You don’t agree…?

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