ProtoPlay Game Collective Immortalises Players/Games Forever

ProtoPlay Game Collective Immortalises Players/Games Forever

In the past few years, the pioneering team at Dare to be Digital has held a balloon race, in which participants sent balloons off to all four corners of the world and involved citizens of many lands, indigenous peoples and tribesfolks in the flourishing world of gaming.

This year, however, even with the use of entirely biodegradable materials, it was point out that tiny kittens, fluttery birds and ravenous fish might still be at risk.

So the team have put their brains to work and has come up with the Dare ProtoPlay Game Collective.

Over the course of ProtoPlay in August, ProtoPlay will feature a specially created ‘structure’ in the city centre.  This structure will feature the names, cities and favourite games of participants the world over.  Like Banksy does, only with names and games instead of policemen with weapons or a monkey in a balloon with flowers.

This is an opportunity to make Dundee the epicentre of gaming in an entirely new way.

Entry is, of course, free.  Simply register over on the Dare to be Digital site and you can be immortalised as a person of taste, discretion and pioneering art skills.

The overall shape and size of the ‘structure’ has not been confirmed.  Rumours that it will be a life-size replica of the forthcoming V&A museum, designed by Japan’s Kengo Kuma & Associates remain unconfirmed at the time of writing.

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