Please Welcome – Amoeba Labs

Please Welcome – Amoeba Labs

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re delighted to announce that the company entering the staggeringly detailed Scottishgames Who’s Who list at the big 5-0 is Amoeba Labs, the new venture from former Denki stalwart and Proper programmer Thomas Kronberg.

Amoeba Labs is not only creating its own titles, but offering development experience across a huge range of platforms, from Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, through to iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7 and even digital TV set-top boxes, should you wish.

Amoeba is not confining itself to the common platforms or definitions however.  The studio is interested in hearing from anyone who’s working outside the mainstream or the normal definitions of ‘gaming’ and who wants some expert technical and design experience.

You can find Amoeba Lab online.  Follow the studio on Twitter.  Like the Facebook presence, or even check out Tom’s profile on LinkedIn.

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