Welcome To The Dark Side

Welcome To The Dark Side

Ladies and gentlemen, please don’t panic, be scared or generally freak out.  The rather nifty banner we’re using this week comes to you courtesy of artist Amr Din (and the letter J and the number 11).

Amr takes us in a darker, creepier and more grungy direction which is at odds with some of the perky, cheery and downright jolly designs we’ve had in the past.  Which is fitting, considering many of the more mature, blood spattered and frankly criminal games we’ve featured in the past.  It is also, as Amr himself puts it, so IN right now.

Amr is always happy to hear from people looking for talented artistic types, or those looking for design and digital artwork.  He’s already met the cream of the Scottish games sector (i.e. your editor) thanks to participating in last year’s AppJam.

In the meantime, we’d like to thank Amr for the stylish and sleek new look.  It’s simple, sleek, relevant and thanks to being mostly monochrome and a tiny bit evil, should go with almost every type of post.  Except perhaps a post about ponies…

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