Tiger Games Releases Denki Blocks! For PSP In Europe

Tiger Games Releases Denki Blocks! For PSP In Europe

Tiger Games, the development studio created by Jamie Bryan (DMA, VIS, Tag) and Graeme Laws (DMA, DC, Denki and many more as a freelance) has just released a brand new version of Denki Blocks! for PSP through the PlayStation network in Europe.

Promising over a hundred new levels, revised and refined controls, unlockable secrets and Master Challenges such as making specific shapes, a maximum number of moves and time limits, Denki Blocks! has been rebuilt from the ground up to accommodate the capabilities of Sony’s shiny handheld.

The chaps at Tiger worked closely with Denki (creators of Denki Blocks! if the name hadn’t given you a inkling…) to make sure the game kept all of the essentials awesome bits that Denki’s games are famous for.

When quizzed by SG.net reporting ninjas, Jamie Bryan said, “I fell in love with Denki Blocks! when I first played it back in 2002.  It’s the perfect puzzle game for handheld gaming, so the chance to bring it to the PSP was far too tempting to pass up.  Everyone deserves a chance to play this game. We worked closely with Denki to make sure everything about the game was translated and recreated to make full use of the PSP’s high resolution screen and sophisticated controls.  We think the result speaks for itself and we’re looking forward to players across Europe discovering the delights of slidey, sticky blocks for themselves.”

Not satisfied with this in isolation, we then tracked down Colin Anderson, MD of Denki, who told us, “Ever since setting up Denki over ten years ago we’ve been looking for partners we can trust to bring our games to more players on other platforms.  Tiger Games impressed us right from the moment they first approached us.  They were clearly fans of Denki Blocks! already, and that gave us a lot of confidence they would deliver a great version of the game – and they didn’t disappoint.  Tiger Games has done an impressive job of translating all the key parts of Denki Blocks! and recreating them for the PSP.  It’s fun, slick and works really well on the PSP’s larger screen and analogue controls.  It feels like a version Denki would have made itself – and as a game creator that’s as good as it gets when someone works with one of your creations.  As a result, we’re proud to welcome this newest member of the much respected and venerable Denki Blocks! family and await another wave of desperate, solution-seeking emails from new players with the keenest anticipation!”

So, there you have it.   As the press release says, “Now, Denki Blocks! has made the leap onto Sony’s insanely popular handheld (over 50,000,000 sold to date) bringing over 78% MORE puzzley goodness to the shiny handheld fun gadget than ever before.”

Denki Blocks! is available now on the PlayStation network, priced £3.49 in new money.

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