FPS Trainer Heading For First 10,000 Users

FPS Trainer Heading For First 10,000 Users

Online games coaching FPS Trainer is heading for 10,000 users, just in time for its live tournament at the end of this week, at the Glasgow arm of the Global Games Jam (you may have noticed their lovely banner gracing the site this week…)

The company is offering a prize for the 10,000th registered use, which has been described as both ‘glittering’ and ‘fabulous’.

Just to jog y0ur memory, FPS Trainer is a brand new service, which uses a combination of advanced AI, detailed reporting and personal coaching from world-class professional gamers, to provide a new way for gamers to learn how to play FPS (first person shooter) titles such as Call Of Duty, Halo, Medal Of Honor, Unreal, Bioshock, etc. etc. etc. online against other, human players.

Delivered via your web browser, FPS Trainer provides everything from the most basic skills through to the strategies and tactics employed by the world’s leading pro-gamers.

If you’ve not registered yet, can we recommend you pop over to the FPS Trainer site and join in? ¬†You can even login using your Facebook profile, for extra added convenience.

You could be the lucky winner…

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