APB Reloaded – Closed Beta Signup Now Open

As the headline makes entirely clear, the closed beta period for APB: Reloaded is now open for players to sign up.  Submit an e-mail to Gamer’s First and sign up for a player account and you’ll be considered for the beta.

According to the APB Reloaded blog:

So far we have received about 20,000 emails that have registered their interest in the game at the above location, and we do expect that about 10%-20% of players who sign up for the email notification will in fact fulfill all our closed beta registration requirements.

Our goal is to have a closed beta with approximately 6,000 – 8,000 fully registered and confirmed players, which roughly means we’d expect to see 800 players online at peak times during the closed beta, which would be sufficient to test all the various system components before going in to the bigger Open Beta.

You can read the full requirements and reasons behind the beta on the APB Reloaded blog.

One thing is makes very clear is that no pre-existing characters will be included within the closed beta.  Beta participants are being promised something cool to show they took part however…

Any readers who decide to take part – let us know how the game has changed.

[Hat tip is to Rock Paper Shotgun for the initial link]

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  1. I am gagging to back to san paro. Any one interested in playing with a fellow SCOT from Dundee then get over to http://www.apbr.net and sign up. You can find me in the chat – name: SeedyGonzalez!

    At least if we play together people might understand what we are saying!!

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