Chunk Snowball – Out Now For iPhone And iPod

Chunk Snowball – Out Now For iPhone And iPod

Chucking snowballs used to be considered good, healthy fun.  Wrap the kids up warm, kick them outside and as long as nothing serious got broken, it was a big win all round.  Now, however, you get Daily Mail complaining, Police handing out ASBOs like they’re crackers and children as young as two being banged-up for the holidays with hardened criminals.

It’s political correctness gone etc. etc. etc.

So, let us fill you in on  Chunk Snowball instead.  The first release from the newly created Chunk Games, recreates the innocence of childhood, when a handful of tightly packed snow was an afternoon’s fun, not a fast track to a criminal record.

Fling snowballs at the pristine Glasgow tenement in front of you.  The more windows you hit, the more you score.  Keep the hits going for combos and points galore.

However, the residents don’t take your youthful high spirits lying down.  While people in other parts of the country would be writing a stiff letter to the Mail, calling the police, or screaming and hiding underneath the table with the silver, in Glasgow they let you know they’re unhappy.

Combos and particularly awesome hits will cause the good people of Glasgow to complain.  Loudly.  To add a certain authenticity and character to the famous Glasgow ‘banter’, Chunk Snowball has called upon the services of former Chunkite Limmy, to provide the voices.

There’s also a freeplay mode, in which you don’t score points, but every hit simply triggers a volley of exasperated abuse from the jolly householders.

Chunk’s original Snowball ‘plaything’ was released online, where it proved to be fairly popular – with over 10,000,000 players all told.

Donnie Kerrigan, the MD of Chunk, said “Snowball is about remembering the mischief you got up to when you were wee – throwing snowballs at windows and hoping for a volley of abuse or, ultimately, a chase down the street. We launched the original Snowball as a plaything to introduce Chunk Digital way back in 2001. It became a bit of a winter tradition for people so it seemed right to launch Chunk Games with Snowball – the game. Limmy was part of Chunk way back then and a huge part of the original game. We could’t relaunch it without him playing the characters. We’re delighted to be releasing the game for the iPhone and we’re looking forward to exposing players worldwide to chilly Glasgow street life and hopefully reminding them of their own childhood scrapes”

Chunk Snowball is out now on the App store and costs a very reasonable £0.59

(We’d also like to point out that Limmy’s DVD is out now too.  It’s funny.  You’d like it).

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