Artist In Residence – Mr Hogarth (Redux)

Artist In Residence – Mr Hogarth (Redux)

The jolliest little elf in Santa’s workshop has come through for your favourite Scottish gaming resource once more.  Stewart ‘Stu’ Hogarth is back once again – like a renegade dancer (not the reindeer) and is once more keeping it defiantly old school.

Look upon the C64-inspired banner loveliness and send your Christmas wishes Stewart’s way, so Santa knows he’s been a good boy and Stewart gets the shiny red bicycle he’s been staring at in the toy shop window…

What?  It’s Christmas… or nearly anyway.  Stewart (designer in residence at Chunk Games don’t forget) you’re the first EVER lucky artist to get the christmas banner.  Think of yourself as the X-Factor winner, but with those indie credentials, which make it mean so much more.

Thanks again, Stewart…

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