Scotsman Adds Games Coverage

For the last several years Scotland has suffered from an almost total lack of interest in video games within the mainstream media. Outside the occasional news story from the business desk, there's been little recognition of the video games sector as a viable creative industry, or as a valuable part of the country's economy.  Even... Continue Reading →

Bad Hotel Good Game

We are, of course, entirely objective here at Scottishgames.  We love all of the developers and games companies in Scotland without favouritism or preference. There are a few companies though, who do get us quite excited when we hear they're working on a new game.  We were lucky enough to see Bad Hotel in development, during an... Continue Reading →

Artist In Residence 003 – Dan Bendon

This weeks banner comes to you courtesy of Mr Dan Bendon, the editor-in-chief of Scotland's most personable (and opinionated) online games website: Ready Up. Mr Bendon tells us he was inspired by a Scottish legend and felt that Scottishgames' unique blend of news, updates and analysis, was similar in a way to the zesty... Continue Reading →

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