YoYo Games Expands – Meet The Team

YoYo Games Expands – Meet The Team

YoYo Games clearly has an ‘agenda’.  The company released it’s first two iPhone games in as many weeks (or three if you count the iPad separately) and is in the process of telling the world how to publish games through YoYo.  Now the company has expanded, fairly rapidly, with a whole new team line-up now working in Dundee.  The new staff members are: Geoff Gunning – Art, Lee Turner – Web, Stuart Poole – Production, and Malcolm Collins.  Which makes the caption for the above photograph:

Geoff, Lee, Stuart, Sandy, Malcolm, Jesse, Andrew, Kirsty, Russell, Mike

We’re hoping to speak to some of the company’s ‘top people’ at some point soon and find out more about their plans, diabolical, ambitious, or otherwise…


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