YoYo Games Releases First iPad Game – Maddening

YoYo Games Releases First iPad Game – Maddening

YoYo Games is clearly not a company to rest on its laurels.  Following the release of Skydiver Mach II, the company’s first iPhone/iPod game at the end of October, YoYo has now released it’s first iPad game, Maddening.

The App Store is less than forthcoming with the details, but according to the YoYo Games website:

Enter the realms of MADNESS, take yourself over and beyond the EDGE of sanity, feel the intense panic of the ever threatening WALL.
Maddening is a new and revolutionary game, which takes you through 50 stages over 10 levels of highly Addictive, fun filled gameplay. Escape the ever chasing WALL, through goo, past spikes and off bouncy things. Each game will take you deeper into the depths of Lunacy. Collect the circles of insanity and receive the mad ramblings of NAL.

Which sounds like it’s worth 99c of anyone’s money.  If you’re an iPad owner, you can find the game here.  Alternatively, an iPhone/iPod Touch version will be coming soon.  We’ll keep you posted on release dates as soon as we know more.

Here’s another screenshot to keep you going…

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