First Reviews Hit For Cohort’s ‘The Shoot’

First Reviews Hit For Cohort’s ‘The Shoot’

Cohort’s first title for the PlayStation Move ‘The Shoot’ was released over the last few days.  It’s starting to pick up some critical attention.  The first review, from Digital Chumps said it “may very well be the first must have game for the Move.”

The game is an ‘on rails’ shooter, in which the player is an actor, playing roles in five different genres of movie.  This provides a new twist on the classic ‘Operation Wolf’ kill-them-all style of gameplay and ensures the game is a little more family friendly.  Multipliers, Style Shots and Combos all provide replay value, while the game supports 2 x player simultaneous multiplayer action.

You can read the full review here. While Cohort’s own website is

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