Win Big With Game Maker – $35,000 In Prizes For Windows 8 Games

Dundee's YoYo Games, the company behind the Game Maker development software has launched a competition to reward developers creating games for Windows 8. If you're not familiar with Game Maker, it's a simple development platform, which allows anyone from the age of around 9 to build games, without having to know how to code, or... Continue Reading →

Game To Learn – Scotland’s Largest Games Based Learning Event – March 17th-19th

Readers of this blog, as clever and pretty as they undoubtedly are, may not have come across the Consolarium before. ¬†Describing itself as the 'Scottish Centre For Games & Learning', the Consolarium uses commercially available games - hardware and titles - within classrooms. ¬†Side stepping the serious games sector and instead looking at how to... Continue Reading →

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