Hubworld Scotland is a new base for the country’s Games Events

Hubworld Scotland is a new base for the country’s Games Events

Hubworld Scotland, a new organisation dedicated to putting on games industry events across the country, has just launched. Helmed by Fergus Coyne and the rest of the team behind the popular Dundee Games Meetup events that have been running monthly since March of this year, Hubworld plans to arrange more, and more diverse, events across all of Scotland’s cities in the months to come.

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“We’ve been running socials for the games industry since February and they have just been building in popularity, so we’re taking a step to found a brand that we can run multiple events through.” Said Coyne of the new initiative, referring to the Dundee Games Meetup events that have been held in March, April, May, and June this year. Each was an open social evening for everyone working in the games industry in Dundee, and the May edition also featured a pub quiz.

More riffs on the industry event formula can be expected from Hubworld, based on their early lineup alone: “At the moment we have two upcoming events: the Dundee Games Meetup this Friday (28/07/2023), then a day time social, the Dundee Games Brunch, on 5th of August.” The latter is a rare thing in the games industry: an event not held at night, and one that doesn’t centre alcohol in some form. Whether it’s Gamescom or Insomnia, the seemingly inseparable duo of industry networking and drinking has been a source of controversy on social media in recent years, and it’s great to see Hubworld taking steps towards creating a more rounded, more welcoming suite of events for everyone in the industry.

As Hubworld Scotland ramps up, we can also expect to see events outwith Dundee. While it’s certainly Scotland’s capital city in terms of game development, there are active communities in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and elsewhere, which could certainly benefit from the kind of events Hubworld Scotland will be offering in Dundee. To stay up to date on Hubworld’s latest events, you can follow them on Twitter (Or X, depending on when you read this) here, and check out their website here.

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