Scottish Games Legend Colin Macdonald Joins Johnston Carmichael Tech Board

Scottish Games Legend Colin Macdonald Joins Johnston Carmichael Tech Board

Colin Macdonald, icon of the Scottish Games world, has been appointed to the tech advisory board of accountancy firm Johnston Carmichael.

The move is part of the firm’s plan to assemble a board of experts who can offer advice to their clients on challenges such as growth. Macdonald is the seventh of these experts to be appointed by the firm.

A Storied Past

While perhaps best known for his work at DMA Design on the early Grand Theft Auto titles, Colin Macdonald has had a sparkling career since, co-founding Crackdown developer Realtime Worlds, working as Channels 4’s first-ever television games commissioner, and serving on the governing board of Abertay University, the best games university in Europe. He is currently the Managing Director of publisher Indie Champions, and the Director of Games Jobs Live.

He believes his work on the Johnston Carmichael tech advisory board will help bring the Scottish Games industry to new heights:

“The Scottish games industry has achieved so much, and we’ve got so much great talent here, but a lot of that has been done in isolation.” notes Macdonald. “Creatively and technically, we are second to none, but it’s the entrepreneurial and commercial side that we can support with.

“This board will be really key in reaching out to the games and wider tech industry to help join the dots, as our group know the value and scale of games, and how to work with these businesses as they continue to grow.”

“We’ve already seen from the success of Grand Theft Auto that we can produce some of the best and most sought after games, and we want to help play our part in supporting the industry as it seeks to produce the next big hit game.”

The Right Support

Shaun Milican, Partner and Head of Technology and Life Sciences at Johnston Carmichael, shares this belief in the good the board can do:

“We’re extremely proud Colin has joined our tech advisory board, and his huge experience in the gaming field will be a real boost to our clients across gaming and the wider tech sector.” He notes. “The challenges faced by the gaming industry are very similar to those faced by our other tech clients, so Colin’s deep knowledge will be incredibly valuable to growing our in-house team’s expertise and helping the companies we advise.”

“Gaming founders are very passionate about creating stimulating and creative games, but are likely to benefit from specialist advice when it comes to scaling up and commercialising their products. Whether it is accessing tax reliefs, or securing investment, we want to ensure gaming creatives have access to the help required to develop their company, so that they can focus more on what they do best, and that’s create world class games.”

This appointment is big news for the Scottish Games sector, and one that will undoubtedly play a part in many successful projects in the years to come.

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