Be A Good (E)sport This Summer

Be A Good (E)sport This Summer

Children across Dundee and Tayside will have the chance to be Esports stars this summer, with the launch of Scotland’s first-ever Esports Summer Camp.

Dundee and Angus College, one of the education partners in the planned state-of-the-art arena heading to Dundee’s Slessor Gardens, and Esports Scotland are hosting a week-long camp for children aged eight to eleven starting on Monday, 18 July 2022.  The morning sessions, open to beginners and regular players, will be held within the college’s dedicated esports classroom at Gardyne Campus.

The camp will incorporate a mix of game-play and out-of-game activities to give young people an insight into the esports industry. Youngsters will have the chance to play on state-of-the-art kit, learn from top coaches and players and engage in new skills. They will also create a Rocket League team and design a name and logo to build up to the creation of their own esports tournament. 

Children will receive a certificate at the end of the programme and have the opportunity to compete for a number of prizes along the way.

As Laura Louch, the Sector Development Leader at Dundee and Angus College explained to the SGN, there’s much more to Esports than sitting at a computer:

“Some parents might think their children already have a lot of screen time, but there’s much more to esports than sitting at a screen.

“Being part of an esports team and competing in esports events can be great for children. Playing games competitively teaches similar, transferable skills as playing other sports. Children develop grit and resilience as they work on improving their skills and competing against others.

They also learn to create and follow strategies, communicate with teammates, and develop strong hand-eye coordination. Importantly, they also learn about good sportsmanship and being mindful of their emotions, which can help students to manage stress in their daily lives. Indeed, as well as teaching them how to play games safely online, we’ll also encourage health and wellbeing as part of our broader esports ethos.”

The week-long course will run from 9.30am to 12.30pm and kicks off on 18th July. It costs £30 per child. No previous experience is required. To book, please email Laura Louch.

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