OUT NOW: Fallen Sword Mobile

OUT NOW: Fallen Sword Mobile

Fallen Sword, the legendary role-playing game from RPG experts Hunted Cow, the studio behind the incredibly popular Warhammer title Chaos & Conquest, has hit mobile.

Originally released in 2006 as a browser-based role-playing game, Fallen Sword has amassed a dedicated online audience, with fifteen years of history and thousands of adventurers exploring the world of Erildath.

Whether you’re a veteran fan, a returning adventurer, or a new player with a taste for old-school fantasy, the vast realms of Erildath are now available at your fingertips for Apple and Android devices.

Fallen Sword screenshot. Erildeth

After an extended beta testing period for the new Fallen Sword app, we’re excited to bring it to a much larger audience. Fallen Sword started out as a browser game back in 2006 but this new app allows everyone with a modern phone or tablets to experience the game!

Andrew Mulholland, Co-founder and CEO

Explore Erildath

After 15 years on ongoing development and questing, the world of Erildath is vast. The game contains thousands of levels worth of content, realms and creatures. There are hundreds of skills and abilities for your character and thousands more items and quests to collect. The world also contains trading and auction systems, allowing adventurers to barter, sell and trade the treasures and loot from their quests.

Fallen Sword also offers endless adventure through a massive and ever-expanding world. From frozen snowy peaks to treacherous tropical swamps, from fae-touched forests to volcanic plains, players will discover thousands of characters, quests, and monsters on every journey.

The game features fast-paced combat and epic battles thanks to powerful weapons, th ability to develop and enhance new skills and the ability to duel and hunt other players in player-versus-player (PVP) challenges.

Fallen Sword. Screenshot. Festivus

Making Magic

Fallen Sword also allows crafting and trading as a route to victory and success. Blacksmiths can forge new and powerful gear from recovered recipes, while alchemists can turn magical fragments into mystical potions, to earn gold.

Adventures are best when shared! With hundreds of thriving guilds, players will have no trouble finding or creating a team of like-minded adventurers to aid each other in growing stronger. Join forces with friends to defeat powerful guild-only enemies, earn and trade gear, build and defend mighty structures, and compete against other players in the game’s Guild vs Guild events.

Community Events

Hunted Cow is also ensuring the games popular community events are a big part of the mobile game. Players and guilds can rally for battle as legendary creatures appear for weekend-long events. Muster your guild to bring the fight to monstrous titans, who stride across the realms of the world, or fend off global invasions with the entire game community to earn powerful rewards.

Fallen Sword Mobile offers seamless cross-platform play. Existing players can sign in using their existing accounts, and can pick up where they left off, while new players can sign up on mobile and find their game awaiting them in their browser.

Andrew Mullholland, the Co-founder and CEO of Hunted Cow told the SGN:

“After a very busy year at Hunted Cow Studios, we are very happy to officially announce the release of the Fallen Sword App on Google Play and iOS Stores.

“The release brings with it a considerable number of updates and fixes, including music that will play in all available realms. We have worked very hard over the last few years to create the Fallen Sword App.

“We’re in the process of implementing a new tutorial to give new players a more informative start to the game, and we will continue to work with the community to make Fallen Sword the best it can be!

“We hope you enjoy the new interface as well as the ability to play Fallen Sword wherever you may be! A feedback thread will be opened on the forums as we would love to hear what you think of the App!

“We are incredibly grateful to our players who have provided us with valuable feedback and to our hardworking developers who have worked tirelessly throughout the year to complete it.”

Play Fallen Sword

Fallen Sword (iOS)

Fallen Sword (Google Play)

Fallen Sword (Browser)

Hunted Cow have a wide range of other incredible fantasy and sci-fi titles to play in your browser, on your mobile and beyond. You can find them here.

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