Arcadia is back! Biome Collective, in partnership with InGAME Dundee and UNESCO City of Design Dundee, present Arcadia 2021 – a new way to look at – and think about – games.

Arcadia 2021 takes place on Thursday 16th December with a daytime workshop and an evening of online micro-talks and discussions from leading game designers and thinkers from across the games ecosystem.

The in-person workshop in Dundee will explore how game design can be used to make the real world a playable space for all.

The evening offers a line-up of 10+ speakers who will present short and insightful microtalks followed by audience Q&A.

To round off Arcadia 2021, the audience are then invited to an interactive closing party in the Biome Collective Online Gallery.

Mal Abbas, the co-founder and game designer with Biome Collective and the creator of Arcadia told the Scottish Games Network:

After the success of our online only Arcadia Night 2020 we’re back again with an amazing array of guests to share great insight in short and accessible talks! These are five mins max so should be fun. Working with InGame Dundee and UNESCO City of Design has helped us put together a diverse, creative and inspirational group of speakers from Scotland and beyond.

It’s great to celebrate the medium of videogames as something that brings together art and technology together. Better yet to open the door to anyone who is intrigued by videogames and in particular anyone from a marginalised community. Our hope is that people expand their understanding and networks and that Arcadia Festival inspires creativity.

Playable Cities Workshop

The in-person Playable Cities workshop is led by Dr Lynn Love. Join the Arcadia team on a chilly Dundee day for a wander outside in the real world, a hot cuppa and a play in a small world of our own making.

In this workshop, participants will explore how game design can be used to make the real world a playable space for all. They will explore our relationship with public space, discuss ideas for regenerating underused areas and draw inspiration from examples of reinvented spaces in Dundee and beyond to design games in the real world.

(Please note that this is Dundee. In December. Please wrap up warm and prepare for chilly weather. The start point will be emailed to participants within 48 hours of the start time. Should the weather be inclement, the workshop will be rescheduled for the new year.)

Note: This in-person event has a maximum capacity of 20 people.

Tickets available here.

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You can find out more about the event, the speakers and the topics under discussion here. You can also follow the event on Twitter. Tickets for Arcadia 2021 are free and are available here.

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