ProtoPlay Is LIVE: Streaming This Weekend

ProtoPlay Is LIVE: Streaming This Weekend

ProtoPlay 2021 the virtual showcase of games created by the 17 teams taking part in the Tranzfuser Enterprise Pathway competition is now live.

ProtoPlay 2021 is the culmination of the Enterprise programme, which gives teams of graduates from UK universities the chance to build a viable game – and studio – in only a few weeks, with the chance of winning £5,000, with another £20,000 on offer to the winning team through the UK Games Fund.

Streaming Live

On Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th of September 2021, Protoplay 2021 will be streaming live on Twitch, giving viewers the chance to see the games in action, hear from the teams behind them and find out more about their plans for taking their business forward.

Teams going through the Enterprise Pathway don’t just have to come up with a working game concept, but a viable business. At the end of the competition, they have to produce:

  • A playable prototype which clearly demonstrates the game concept and is ready to showcase
  • A clear business pitch that succinctly and confidently explains the plan for building a sustainable studio
  • A cohesive team that works well together and is ambitious to grow into an indie dev business

You find out more about the teams in this round of the competition and the games they’ve been working on on the Teams page of the Tranzfuser website.

Go Play Games

Many of the teams have prototypes of their games live and playable on Steam or Itch, so this is your chance to get early access to the potential hits of tomorrow.

Deborah Farley, Head of Tranzfuser, to the Scottish Games Network:

The Enterprise Pathway sees 17 graduate teams of talented games developers work on their own IP projects over the summer, with the chance to pitch in for funding from the UK Games Fund. ProtoPlay, our online showcase, is now open with the public being invited to explore the games that have come our of this year’s Tranzfuser competition. This year we have 3 teams based in Scotland and all groups in the cohort have shown passion, dedication and innovation in their approach to their time in the competition.

Past success has shown that involvement in Tranzfuser can, and does, help to set talented graduates up for success in the independent games development sector.

You can find the Tranzfuser projects, links to Twitch and the games themselves via the website.

Tune in and see the games you could be playing in the near future…

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