Happy Birthday Tag

Happy Birthday Tag

Dundee’s Tag Games has just celebrated its 15th birthday and to celebrate the studio has released some wise words that it has learned over the last decade and a half, which should be of value and of interest to every studio out there, whether they’re working on original IP, work-for-hire and whatever stage of growth they’re at.

From humble beginnings back in 2006, just as Java technology had started to really penetrate the mobile market, Tag has established an international reputation as a creative, reliable and professional partner for brands and licenses across the creative industries globally.

There’s a reason that Scopely recently made Tag Games part of it’s $50M investment into games studios.

The studio is NOW HIRING for multiple roles. So if you’re looking for your next challenge. Go and see what the studio has to offer.

As Tag itself said:

“When we started we were a team of three with some big ideas. A decade-and-a-half on and we’re a team of over 60 with dozens of game projects under our belts. We’ve seen new staff rise through the ranks to become respected industry voices, and have had the pleasure of becoming deeply connected with the local community here in Dundee; a city we sincerely adore.

“We’ve worked hard, but we’ve also had a lot of fun together. And time and again we’ve seen projects we’ve contributed to go down very well with players, the press and our peers. That’s a feeling you really can’t beat.

“We’ve also learned a lot about running a successful game studio over the past 15 years. We’ve enjoyed a great many successes, and we’ve learned how to embrace the occasional failure, learn from it, and apply those lessons to our ongoing growth and development.”

Six Lessons For Running A Successful Games Studio

We’re not going to cut and paste the whole article, but we’ll summarise the key points and urge you to visit Tag’s website and read the entire piece. They’re fantastic points, relevant to every developer:

  1. Plan beyond the next project
  2. Trust matters
  3. Be human-centric
  4. Creativity and commercial viability can be balanced
  5. Try new things as a business
  6. Focus on what isn’t working too

We’d urge you to read all of the insight and understanding in the original piece, it’s good advice and hard won from a studio, which has successfully published over 60 titles since it was founded.

We’d also like to offer our own congratulations to the studio and to the whole team at Tag – past and present – on making the company such a prominent and engaged part of the games community, in Dundee and across the whole of Scotland.

Happy birthday Tag (now go get a job with them).

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