Please Welcome Psyber Games Studio

Please Welcome Psyber Games Studio

Psyber Games Studio is a new developer, based in Glasgow.

Founded by Glasgow Caledonian University games graduate James O’Callaghan, the studio has already released its first game, with a second undisclosed project also in development.

Psyber Games first release is Rift Riders, a mobile game in which players have to collect ‘good stuff’ and avoid ‘bad stuff’ with your trusty vortex vacuum, as it spirals towards you out of a mysterious time rift, which is an enormous purple space maelstrom which is shooting stuff at you.

Rift Riders is OUT NOW for Android devices through Google Play. While James has announced plans to update the game and add new features, he’s had to shelf these plans for the time being, as he works on his intriguing next project.

James is keeping the project close to his chest. The new Psyber Games website says:

Currently the Rift Riders update has been placed on hold due to being approach from a private client looking for a prototype to be produced. At this point we are not announcing who we are working with, but we can say that they have been in the industry since the 80’s, brushing shoulders with some of the innovators of technology.

Which is both mysterious and intriguing. An unnamed industry veteran, who’s been brushing shoulders with tech pioneers? We’re officially curious.

Psyber Games is aiming to release the new project on the week of 27th September 2021, when the studio will also be attending Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #8.

In the meantime you can find Psyber Games Studio online and on YouTube.

You can download and play Rift Riders – free – on Google Play.

Welcome to the games industry, James. We’re looking forward to hearing more from Psyber Games in the near future.

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