YoYo Games Launches Fire Jump – Drag & Drop Tutorial

YoYo Games Launches Fire Jump – Drag & Drop Tutorial

Following last month’s launch of Little Town, YoYo Games, has launched another new fully-featured – free – tutorial to help new users get to grips with Game Maker Studio.

Fire Jump  has been designed and created specifically for those with little or no game design experience. The tutorial features a step-by-step guide to making an infinite platformer game, primarily using GameMaker’s easy-to-use and intuitive Drag and Drop (DnD) system. 

In Fire Jump, players control an intrepid fireman on a mission to rescue civilians from a burning building. As our hero leaps vertically from window to window, he must rescue civilians whilst trying to avoid those windows which are on fire. 

Infinite Platform Play

Explained in an easy to understand manner, Fire Jump includes four tutorials plus a wealth of supporting materials, teaching new users how to make a playable character, generate infinite obstacles, build a solid game loop along with menus, user interface, and more. The tutorial should also help intermediate users, and those who have created one or two games to further hone their skills.

The launch of Fire Jump tutorial follows the recent release of Little Town, a major new game-making tutorial designed to teach students the fundamental principles of game design with GameMaker Studio 2

Stuart Poole, the General Manager of YoYo Games, told the Scottish Games Network:

With Drag and Drop, absolutely anyone can make an impressive game without writing code – all you need is imagination. 

This is why we’re extremely excited to be launching Fire Jump – our latest high-quality step-by-step DnD tutorial, designed to quickly get hobbyists up-to-speed with the core functionality of DnD and GameMaker Studio 2 while hopefully inspiring them to create their own amazing games.

You can download the Fire Jump tutorial on the YoYo Game website. 

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