TKC Wins Boardgame Specialist Award

TKC Wins Boardgame Specialist Award

The Knowledge Company (TKC), the company behind the forthcoming Six Degrees card game, has picked up an award in the Scotland Prestige Awards.

The company has been named the Boardgame Specialist of the Year in the competition, with the judges praising TKC’s active community and the buzz around Six Degrees – the Movie Connection Card Game.

TKC is the Blairgowrie-based developer of a range of board and card games, with a particular focus on World War II battles.

The company has an online store with all of its titles available to buy. The new Six Degrees game offers a more family-friendly experience with a novel twist on the famous ‘six degrees of Kevin Bacon’ game.

The judges in the Scotland Prestige Awards said:

The judges were impressed with your team’s personal touch, consistency of reviews and community feel. The passion for what you do really come across and I hope this achievement brings more success in 2021.”

You can visit TKC online, find out more about Six Degrees on the game’s stand alone website, or follow the company on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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