Welcome To The Emporium Of Digital Delights

Welcome To The Emporium Of Digital Delights

Prewired is an Edinburgh-based coding club, for young people under the age of 19. Now the club’s new online-only Prewired++ initiative, is launching The Emporium of Digital Delights, a series of three, 12 day coding sprints, to work collaboratively and create something cool.

Open to young people based in Edinburgh between the ages of 12-18, Prewired (and Prewired ++) welcomes participants from every background and at every level of ability. The club features experienced industry mentors, who can provide input and advice, ensuring that everyone has the help and support they need.

Attendees can join in any of the sprints and choose whether to do one, two, or all three. After all of the Sprints have been completed, the Emporium will launch a digital showcase, where projects can be shared with friends, family, and the world at large.

The organisation is creating a series of challenges, to help participants shape the projects they create during the Sprints. Challenges will cater for all levels of experience, with basic, intermediate and advanced options available. Furthermore, Prewired++ is also creating badges to recognise achivements for learning over the course of the whole programme.

The Emporium of Digital Delights starts on 17 May 2021. Each sprint will last 12 days, with planning meetings, guidance and help available through online sessions which will take place from 17:00 – 19:30 in the evening to ensure there’s no conflict with school.

Prewired++ is funded by Creative Informatics, so there is no cost to join the Emporium.

To find out more and to sign up, visit the Prewired website.

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