The Legend Of Firestoke

The Legend Of Firestoke

What is Firestoke Games? This is the question echoing around Scotland’s games industry this morning, after Angus’s own Elon Musk, announced a new venture into videogames.

Paul Farley, the Tim Cook of Tayside, shocked the world yesterday, with the release of a single image. A monochrome Munro, alongside the news that he was returning from his self-imposed exile, to the world of gaming.

Games Guru

Following Mr Farley’s success with the foundation of Tag Games, then the Cinderella-like story of Chilli Connect (now a happy part of the Unity family), Paul controversially left the games sector behind, instead embarking upon a solitary retreat – possibly upon the very mountain pictured upon the Firestoke Games website.

Whatever wisdom was sought on the wind-blown heights, it clearly arrived, as the Dundee Dalai Llama has returned to the forefront of Scotland’s videogames sector, with his new concern, Firestoke Games.

Data-Driven Journalism

Details are sparse as of writing, leaving many to speculate upon the nature of Firestoke and what it will offer within the rapidly evolving videogames ecosystem.

Online commentators, probably on Reddit, are already speculating that the use of the image on the Firestoke website offers some sort of clue.

The single ‘stark’ image, the isolated mountain retreat, the high profile return, all hint at the plot line of the first Iron Man movie. Could Mr Farley be planning to create a radical new engineering company which will work on advanced weapons systems, including a disruptive ‘power armour’ exoskeleton system? Some believe so.

Other users have already offered suggestions including:

  • A games company
  • Not a games company
  • A games technology company
  • A VR/AR mountain retreat spa
  • Iron Man 3

The Scottish Games Network does not engage in idle speculation (outside rumours about Grand Theft Auto 6), so for now, Firestoke Games must remain an enigma.

We wish Mr Farley and the rest of the Avengers well in their new endeavour.

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