Scottish Universities Esports Network

Scottish Universities Esports Network

Mark McCready from the British Esports Association has launched a network for Scottish university students and societies. Creating an interconnected competitive gaming community between Scotland’s universities.

What The Network Will Do

The Network will offer a wide range of opportunities to university students. Different societies and students may be looking for different things from this scheme. Mark was inspired to create the network while trying to find a competitive Rocket League team within his society at Queen Margret University. The new network can help teams to scout players from other universities in order to fill out their roster or make better use of a particular player’s talents.

Even if you have a full team, the network may still be of interest. It will allow teams and societies from any university in Scotland to join and compete in tournaments outside their own campus, city, or region. It will also enable society heads to communicate and organise on a larger scale than they have before. it could create an entirely new talent pipeline for new esports talent in Scotland, and help the whole community rise to new heights.

National Networking

By creating more opportunities for competition and collaboration, the network hopes to encourage new players, and teams across every university. This helps to build a whole new pipeline of talent within Scotland’s universities and identify rising stars more effectively.

The global Esports scene is thriving and Scotland’s community is still emerging. With that in mind, aspiring competitors need more opportunities to make a name for themselves just as much as teams need a space to find new talent. The Scottish University Esports Network can allow this to happen, improving the competitive gaming scene in Scotland to grow even further.

Who is Mark McCready?

Working as the Scotland representative within the British Esports Association Marks credentials are clear. Mark has a keen understanding of the esports community and is working on this project out with his responsibilities ta British Esports.

A university student himself Mark understands what esports competitors in tertiary education need and where work is needed to improve the standard of competitive gaming. This network came from Mark’s frustration at the lack of options and opportunities for up-and-coming competitors within Scotland and is trying to create a solution for this problem.

Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash

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