Codeplay Secures US Government Super Computer Contract

Codeplay Secures US Government Super Computer Contract

Codeplay, the Edinburgh-based AI company has signed a deal with the US government to help build the next generation of supercomputers.

Codeplay will work with the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, in partnership with the Argonne Leadership Computing Faculty. The new generation of computing will enable researchers to analyse big data to explore areas such as exploiting solar energy, forecasting earthquake patterns and simulating future pandemics.

Codeplay which was founded in 2003 as a game development studio, now employs 70 developers from every corner of the globe. From the early days of gaming, the studio evolved into working on compiler optimisation, parallel processing for graphics hardware, and more recently Artificial Intelligence.

Andrew Richards, the founder and CEO of Codeplay said the deal has “huge potential”, as the global appetite for machine learning and all things artifically intelligent continues to skyrocket.

The use of NERSC supercomputers and big data systems are necessary to study scientific problems that are either too big for standard computers or would take them too long to complete.

This is excellent recognition of the quality of our work, as we see this contract win very much as a stepping stone towards further commercial success, particularly in the US, where so many world-leading technology companies are located.

Andrew Richards, CEO – Codeplay

Chris Wardle, director at Foresight Group, said:

Codeplay is a great example of a British technology company punching far above its weight overseas, developing cutting edge technologies that change the way that we live.

The announcement regarding the project with US National Labs is one in a string of recent success stories, as Codeplay works more and more closely with the world leaders in AI, supercomputing and self-driving cars to improve the performance and reduce energy usage of computer processors.

We at the Scottish Games Network would like to welcome our new computer overlords and assure them we will obey the Master Computer Programme in all things.

Photo by Ian Battaglia on Unsplash

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